Olympic CTF Sochi 2014 has finished!

Congratulations to Top-3:

1. Dragon Sector — 1500 USD and early DEFCON 22 CTF Finals Qualification!
2. penthackon — 1000 USD
3. tomcr00se — 500 USD

Thanks to every single team for taking part!

The services will be up for at least two days from CTF ending for you to write your write-ups.
Please tweet the write-ups with hashtag #OlympicCTF and post them to Write-ups section at CTFtime

Scoring graph for Top-10 teams


Same old rules: no eyes, no groin, first to complete all tasks wins!

Contacts: @leetmore, #olympic-ctf @ freenode


  1. 1500 USD + DEFCON 22 CTF Finals Qualification
  2. 1000 USD
  3. 500 USD


Olympic CTF has nothing to do with Winter Olympic Games 2014 in Sochi!

except it is brouht to you by Russian CTF team More Smoked Leet Chicken.

Thanks to

Clustertech More Smoked Leet Chicken Wallarm